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Do NOT connect your KAM to your computer!

Please following the instructions on installing the software on your computer for your KAM.

Step 1 of 10:

Click to download the software that matches which operating system is installed on your computer.

Download KAM Driver: Windows XP/2000/Vista/Windows 7

(The driver does not work with Windows 98 or Windows ME)


Step 2 of 10:

When the security warning screen pops up, click RUN to install the software.


Step 3 of 10:

If the "publisher could not be verified" screen pops up, click RUN.


Step 4 of 10:

The installation screen will launch. Make sure both boxes are checked and click NEXT.


Step 5 of 10:

The installation folder option will launch. Unless otherwise needed, approve the selected folder by clicking INSTALL.

(If you get an error that says "Error opening file for writing" clicking here)


Step 6 of 10:

If the Software Installation Windows logo come up, press CONTINUE ANYWAY. This step may or may not come up it depends on the settings of your computer.


Step 7 of 10:

When the completed screen pops up, click CLOSE.


Step 8 of 10:

NOW connect your KAM to your computer

If the "Found New Hardware" window comes up, make sure the INSTALL SOFTWARE AUTOMATICALLY choice is selected and click NEXT.

(If you see a window that is asking you to connect to windows update to download drivers tell it "No not this time".)

(If the "Found New Hardware" wizard does not come up clicking here)


Step 9 of 10:

If your computer pauses for a few seconds, wait for the wizard to search.


Step 10 of 10:

If the "Hardware Installation" window pops up, click CONTINUE ANYWAY.


When the "Completing Hardware Installation" window pops up, click FINISH.



You should now see a box that says reading KAM and after it is done reading it should launch you into your personal website and your KAM is ready for you to start wearing it.

If your KAM did NOT start reading and bring you into your personal website click HERE for help.